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Stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and
best practises in value management and realisation

From our humble beginnings to our current position as global pioneers, explore how TVST has evolved over the years to deliver technology transformation an innovation in the tech sector.

The quest for excellence

Since the early 2000s, the landscape of value management has been dynamically evolving, shaping itself into a mature discipline within the software industry.  

Our mission is to foster a globally connected community of value managers, promoting a product-agnostic and company-agnostic environment that encourages the sharing of diverse experiences, expertise, and visionary insights to advance the discipline beyond theoretical boundaries. 

Join us in building a vibrant and supportive community of professional value managers. Together, we’re not just witnessing the evolution—we’re driving it. 

When is the next event?

Keep your eyes out for announcements. Our next event will be in
spring/summer 2024.

miss the opportunity to contribute, learn, and network.

Event archives

If you missed our past live events, fear not! You can catch up on the excitement by watching the recordings and excerpts below. Immerse yourself in a wealth of B2B wisdom and inspiration, experiencing the unparalleled expertise and insights of leading software value leaders. 

The future of value management in the software industry: insights from global leaders

Value realisation: securing
the value promise

Discover TVST’s resources: diverse perspectives on global value management practices  

Explore value management and realisation through firsthand insights from our top professionals. Gain behind-the-scenes perspectives from TVST leaders actively engaged in these practices every day. 

Value realisation at
The Value Search Team

Our commitment is to make value realisation a seamless and rewarding experience, ensuring your transformations are marked by success.

Global perspective

Connect with value managers from around the world, bringing diverse insights and experiences to the table. 

Product agnosticism

Our live events are not about which product you champion. They’re about sharing expertise and learning from others, irrespective of the tools in our arsenals.

Sharing experience and vision

We value your unique journey and insights. Contribute to discussions that go beyond the theoretical, drawing from real-world experiences and visionary thinking.

Company agnosticism

Our community thrives on the collective wisdom of individuals who are committed to advancing the discipline, independent of organisational affiliations. 

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