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José Agustín Catalá Andorra

Founder, Managing Director
José founded TVST in 2009. He is a futurist leader who fuses outstanding people management skills and 30 years of industry knowledge to drive business value management worldwide.

“Helping my clients to do better business is always challenging and motivating. The most pleasurable part of my work is identifying, recruiting and leading an exceptional team of talented professionals, to create one of the strongest independent value management practices in the world.”

Past: McKinsey, Roland Berger, SAP

Outside of work: "I play drums and have played non-stop since I was 11 years old!"
Klaus-Ulrich "Uli" Feiler Munich

Uli is the senior advisor for TVST’s leadership team. He supports the strategic design and decision-making process with his exceptional knowledge, vision and guidance.

“The Value Search Team are dedicated and highly motivated professionals that can add tremendous impact and create value for their clients! Helping clients to improve their performance as a group or individually, as well as add value to their business, working within a great team, inspires and motivates me.”

Past: Bankers Trust, Roland Berger, Teradata

Outside of work: “Music accompanies me everywhere! – I enjoy playing it and enjoy listening to sounds whether they are man-made or come from nature.”
Marco Alves Lisbon

Marco has 20+ years of experience in strategic consulting across multiple industries. He builds strategic relationships and develops innovative value management services, leading with a strong focus on disruptive strategies.

“I’m especially motivated by the fact that as a team we help to encourage mutual and beneficial transactions for our clients and their customers that would otherwise be put on hold or not made at all. Collaborating with clients and embedding this capability into their sales organisations is the cherry on the top.”

Past: AT Kearney, Strategos, Portugal Telecom (Altice)

Important Fact: “I play the guitar and I find it relaxing to prototype small applications.”
Victor Arias Barcelona

Victor is always looking to make connections and find solutions. He supports our team and customers with his exhaustive experience in the definition and execution of new organisational and operational models in the ICT industry.

“My role at TVST allows me to communicate with many people across different industries worldwide. I am very thankful for what I learn in our team and from our customers: it motivates me to be up to the challenges of delivering relevant, insightful information, to address business challenges successfully.”

Past: Nae Consulting, France Telecom, British Telecom

Outside of work: “If you want to meet me outside work, you will have to come to the golf course!”
Noelia Gómez Madrid

Noelia levers her rock-solid knowledge and experience leading global sales teams in the software industry to manage the end-to-end value management process with our customers, partners and alliances.

“I love helping people to find solutions to their business problems. Conveying value propositions and allowing customers to see through software functionality into the value it delivers fits perfectly well into this passion of mine: and here I have an advantage – it also helps to increase sales!”

Past: Unit4, Basware, Proactis

Outside of work: “I can’t stay still (have ants in my pants) – to the point that I even have a spin bike at home”
Alex Font Shanghai

Asia Operation Leader
Alex is an economist and an entrepreneur in digital marketing and technology solutions, leveraging 20+ years of professional experience. Alex leads our expansion in Asia.

“Helping our clients to enter, localise and thrive with resources and consulting services in Asia is motivating. I really enjoy working within a team that takes pride in delivering results to our clients worldwide, in a thriving and exciting environment that is demanding more and more of the professional services we offer.”

Past: Sprint, Benesse, Viking Cruises

Outside of work: “I am a raving fan of Formula One and Cold War history.”
Manel Toril Barcelona

Manel joined TVST with 20+ years’ experience in IT and telecoms in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He brings exceptional analysis skills and a razor-sharp eye for details.

“Having worked in technology and strategy consulting in several countries it’s great to be a part of a team that takes business consultancy to another level. At TVST we work to truly help our customers and provide them with real value. It is inspiring to work fully embracing this vision.”

Past: Qtel, Du, Vodafone, Ono, Entrepreneur

Outside of work:“I love rock climbing. It gives me an even better view of the world”
Enrique Velazquez Caracas

Enrique unites 25+ years’ experience as an executive and a consultant in telecom operations, advertising, and consumer goods in the Americas, to build brilliant customer relationships.

“Helping companies realise value is a wonderful opportunity for continuous learning. At The Value Search Team, we work globally, across numerous industries and different markets, and we manage to use our business acumen and resources to serve our clients in the best possible, value-oriented way. It is a very rewarding job, being able to witness value realisation and become a better business professional in the process.”

Past: Millicom, Verizon, Empresas Polar

Outside of work: “Cigar aficionado. Poker enthusiast. Retired adventure bike rider – after being outvoted in family council.”
Duarte Barros Toronto

Duarte leads strategic value management processes, leveraging his 20 years of extensive experience in consulting, corporate strategy formulation and execution, in Europe and Latin America.

“My career has been dedicated to supporting clients with identifying sources of value and working with them on the best path to capture it. This collaborative engagement is at the centre of my motivation to work with large companies from different industries and geographies.”

Past: Cenit Transporte y Logistica de Hidrocarburos, Avianca Holdings S.A, Orange

Outside of work: “I have played tennis since I was 7, and now my 7-year-old daughter plays too. I hope she doesn’t beat me soon.”
Petar Kajevski Vienna

Petar has deep-rooted experience in strategic consulting combined with extensive knowledge of business value management, built in over 20 years’ working for leading global technology companies.

“I am a passionate connector – connecting different groups of people and connecting different knowledge areas. No wonder I ended up in value management, which is all about connecting business and IT knowledge, but also connecting people across different functions at both vendors and customers.”

Past: IBM, Roland Berger, Oracle

Outside of work: “I got into (non-smart) watches some years ago, and now I am upgrading my hobby to produce a line of watches of my own. Connecting my hobby and work, I guess!”
Duarte Chaves Lisbon

Senior Value Manager
Duarte is a specialist in strategy management in top tier energy, telecommunications and consumer good companies. He is thoughtful, process oriented and pays great attention to details.

“It is amazing to be part of such a great, modern and international company that work together in the most productive and collaborative way. Participating in the digital transformation of the world by delivering top notch solutions to our customers, with the greatest impacts on results, is exciting!”

Past: Vodafone, Galp Energy, Entrepreneur

Outside of work: “I love to connect with nature – I explore the world, sail the oceans and meditate with self-consciousness, so that I can really feel it!”
Elena Diez Dublin

Senior Value Manager
Elena is dedicated to value management and brings strong skills in business planning, finance and controlling in top tier global companies. She is very much a people person and is fantastic at building team relationships and high energy levels.

“I joined the team excited to be part of a flexible, forward-thinking and agile business. What I most enjoy about my role is working closely with our clients and offering a customised service to be part of their digital transformation success stories.”

Past: Lego, Sabmiller, Chep

Outside of work:"Zumba keeps me active. Swimming in the Irish Sea keeps me sane, and I try to lead a healthy, vegan, happy life.”
Veronica Matheus Minnesota

Value Manager
Veronica is thorough and organised. She came to TVST bringing extensive experience in commercial strategy, marketing portfolio management and innovation in top global FMCG companies to manage business value in the US.

“Understanding the nature of a company and the value creation within its industry is what I enjoy the most professionally. Working at a company that offers interesting work and future potential, in a flexible environment, has been a dream-come-true. I feel privileged to work within a team of talented, international, people.”

Past: Anheuser Busch Inbev, SAB Miller PLC, Cerveceria Polar

Outside of work: “I love to paddleboard around Minnesota’s lakes. And if I could ditch the car and cycle everywhere, I would!”
Maria Piedad Casado Dublín

Value Manager
Maria is essential to our business value management in Europe. She used to be a scientist and researcher at leading European universities and has many detail-oriented and transferrable skills from these roles.

“I love being part of a team with so many diverse skills, where we can learn from each other while helping clients achieve the most from their business through digital transformation. As a former postdoctoral researcher, I can apply my skills to thoroughly analyse a company and find ways to improve their performance – a task that is always challenging and motivating for me.”

Past: University College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Technological University of Dublin.

Outside of work: “I love growing vegetables and fruit plants from seedlings to harvesting, observing every stage they go through. I find it extremely rewarding when they start producing.”
José Maria Guedes Lisbon

Value Manager
José Maria is never afraid of taking on a new challenge. He supports our growing team and clients with his remarkable knowledge of business development and value management.

“As a child, I always had the curiosity of knowing how things worked, disassembling everything I could find and trying to make it better. When given the opportunity to study a company and improve performance, it's always a challenge I'm up for. Being part of a team with a diverse set of skills has helped me develop new ways of thinking, which I can then apply to my work.”

Past:Man Group, Renova

Outside of work: “Any sport with an engine (combustion or electric) is my type of sport. I follow my good friend in Formula E wherever and whenever I can – hoping he is world champion again this year.”
Andrejs Solomenikovs Alicante

Value Manager
Andrejs is a dynamic, multicultural manager who has 13+ years’ multinational experience. He is an expert in logistics, business planning and operation optimisations.

“I enjoy complicated challenges that require both advanced analytics and good old common sense. TVST is a great place to be around great personalities and professionals virtually from all around the world.”

Past: Cranfield School of Management, Daugavpils University, AS Grindeks

Outside of work: “I enjoy playing hard rock riffs on my electric guitar, scaring away the neighbours!”
Libertad Siqueira Tenerife

Value Manager
Libertad is exceptionally driven, and solutions based. She focuses on combining value management concepts with sustainability principles and sustainable strategy development.

“I enjoy helping customers to improve their sales efficiency, get a better use of their strategic resources, and accelerate their digital transformation. My willpower and flexibility help me to adapt to new challenges every day, in a multinational team and business context where those skills are crucial.”

Past: Universidad de La Laguna, King´s College, Technische Universität Bergakademie

Outside of work: “I love dancing Latin music and I’m a yoga practitioner; some people call me Hanuwomanasana”.
Marcelo Pobersnik Buenos Aires

Value Manager
Marcelo has 25+ years’ experience in financial management, business development and consulting with multinational companies in Latin America. He is realistic and straightforward, a very trustable professional.

“It’s really motivating and inspiring being part of a diverse and talented team, in a free, collaborative and continuous learning environment. I am proud to work in a team where we all have the goal of helping our clients to capitalise on new opportunities and realise their ambitions. I like to face new challenges and to provide value-driven initiatives that create long-lasting value growth.”

Past: Kimberly Clark, Cognis, Intel

Outside of work: “I like any type of sports, but football and basketball are my favourites and I also play padel tournaments locally.”
Alexandra Lipasova Barcelona

Value Manager
Alexandra joined us with 15+ years’ experience in commercial operations and project management in top global consumer goods and service companies. She is an amazing analyst and one of our onboarding experts.

“I have always liked analytical work, whether in academia or in the world of business. Through a multi-faceted analysis of business environments, we create value for our customers and help them to transform it into profit. TVST, a company which principles I share, adheres to the highest quality standards and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Past:Nielsen, Mars, BenQ

Outside of work: “I can do a ‘monkey leap’ and used to be a part-time journalist writing about movies, modern literature and gigs.”
Rubén Campos Barcelona

Value Manager
Rubén is a great team player who has a fantastic rapport with colleagues and our customers. He comes with over 10 years of consulting experience, serving companies from several sectors with a focus on IT and operation optimisation.

“Helping companies to succeed is what most motivates me in my work. I feel very privileged to work with a fantastic group of talented individuals from all around the world. I'm always ready to take on new challenges and willing to learn something new.”

Past: Nae, ContecNow, Huawei, Vodafone

Outside of work: : “I take pizza very seriously, it’s easy to cook but hard to master. I love making pastries, desserts and breads, even if I’m not always successful. Right now, I’m perfecting my cheesecake recipe."
Natalia Levitskaya Moscow

Value Manager
Natalia has extensive experience in project management in relevant public organisations and private entities in Eastern Europe. She is dedicated, results-driven and manages multiple challenges with ease.

“The most challenging part in the value management practice is to connect company financial performance, socio-economic environment, government regulation and environmental issues in a full view of business process. My academic background helps me to get a more comprehensive picture of clients’ performance. At TVST we never stop learning and I’m really happy to share my experiences with our customers.”

Past: Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Sciences

Outside of work: “I am fond of wild nature and camping holidays, especially kayak and rafting trips.”
Justo Mendez Perth

Value Manager
Justo is always ready to help his co-workers and our customers. He is an economist who brings 10+ years’ experience in international companies focusing on financial, accounting, performance analysis and budgeting.

“I truly believe that understanding the needs and the context in which each client operates is essential to generate real solutions that create value for them. Having the opportunity of working at TVST and being part of a multicultural team motivates me to give my best to every project.”

Past: Accenture, Apache Corporation, YPF

Outside of work: “Australia introduced me the amazing world of surfing and since then, if I have the chance of getting in the water, I don’t waste it.”
Ivana Blazevic Munich

Senior Consultant
Ivana’s specialities are accounting, finance and commercial management. She brings her adaptability, positive energy and 10 years of industry knowledge to TVST and our customers.

“Accelerating digital transformations, building international relationships and creating value within a company are a few reasons that motivate me and make me proud to be a part of such a successful and professional team.”

Past:Publicis Sapient, ISS Security, Melbourne Rebels RU

Outside of work: “When I am not playing tennis, I am definitely crocheting!”
Svetlana Levitskaya Moscow

Senior Consultant
Svetlana came to us with extensive familiarity of financial analysis and business planning in public entities and private companies in Eastern Europe. She is self-motivated, target oriented and easily adapts to new challenges.

“At TVST we are all involved, and we share our diverse knowledge and skills with each other and with our customers. With more than 20 years’ experience in finance I am pleased to use my skills to bring value to clients and help them to achieve real results in their business objectives.”

Past: State University of Management, Moscow. Unisys CIS Ltd., Luxsoft LLC

Outside of work:“My passion is travelling – new places, people and cultures.”
Mafalda Burmester Lisbon

Senior Consultant
Agustina blends her experience in sales, consulting and financial analysis to support our customers in the Americas. She is easy-going, but hard-working and quality oriented.

“The biggest pleasure of my work is to understand the needs and strategies of my clients and use the best research practices to add value to their business, while keeping their goals and objectives in sight. At TVST we all strive to give clients the best counselling to add value to their daily work, providing them with the latest tools in the market that best apply to their industry and business.”

Past: Ernst & Young, BSc Economics

Outside of work: “There is nothing better than being able to dance or read a book surrounded by nature.”
Daniela Montañes Caracas

Senior Consultant
Daniela has combined experiences in finance, sales, and marketing skills. Always attentive and caring towards colleagues and our customers, she is key to our value management consultancy for service companies in Latin America and Europe.

“I’m passionate, enthusiastic and resolutive. My premise is giving 101% of myself in every task I’m involved in. I am focussed to give the best to TVST, so together with my colleagues, we can get the best results for our customers and build a stronger and more powerful team, every day. My mantra: where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Past:Leones del Caracas Baseball Club and Publicidad Edison

Outside of work: “I love fashion modelling! I have also been in three beauty pageants, representing my two nationalities: Venezuelan and Spanish.”
Emre Uygur Rome

Emre’s subject is engineering. Since joining us he has gained solid value management skills and he is always as eager to learn and succeed as he is to help find value for our customers.

“Working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team together with open-minded professionals always excites me – we all learn many things from each other and contribute to developments, and approaches to solve problems from different perspectives. I believe that this is one of the fundamental principles of our success.”

Past: Sapienza Università di Roma

Outside of work: “I love cooking and working on performance optimisation of liquid propellant rocket engines: I think they are similar – for both, you need to be incredibly careful with ratios!”
İrem Özden Munich

Irem has an engineering background and has built a solid business value consulting experience. She is meticulous, diligent and keen to expand on her value management skills.

“I feel so lucky to play a role in a diverse, talented and experienced team, providing me with an opportunity to improve myself continuously and, as a result, to better contribute to our business. I find it exciting to follow emerging technologies and to support our customers in different industries by analysing their position in the market and proposing the best solutions to maximize their value.”

Past: PTV Group, D4R7 Construction (PORR AG – Ferrovial JV)

Outside of work: “Playing badminton is my kind of meditation. I’m always keen to attend any voice-related event – concerts, karaoke, broadcasting and more.”
Jonás Melián Ramos Madrid

Jonás focuses on combining value management concepts with sustainability principles and sustainable strategy development. He is analytical, methodical and structured in his approach to work.

“Every day in TVST gives an opportunity to learn and contribute to a better company. This wouldn't be possible without all members of the team. I find analysing both financial and non-financial information to generate added value for our customers really exciting.”

Past: EY, University of La Laguna, entrepreneur

Outside of work:“I really enjoy sports, but also the resting afterwards (as these are my keys to good concentration)!”
Agustina Maria Biscotti Buenos Aires

Agustina blends her experience in sales, consulting and financial analysis to support our customers in the Americas. She is easy-going, but hard-working and quality oriented.

“The biggest pleasure of my work is to understand the needs and strategies of my clients and use the best research practices to add value to their business, while keeping their goals and objectives in sight. At TVST we all strive to give clients the best counselling to add value to their daily work, providing them with the latest tools in the market that best apply to their industry and business.”

Past: Ford Motor Company

Outside of work: “I’m an active person. My favourite sport is skiing, so when I can go to the mountains I do, no doubt!”
Renata Majdandzic Zagreb

Renata joined us in 2020 and has since been enthusiastically building on her experience in accounting, finance and customer service across Australia and Europe.

“I enjoy being part of a such a diverse and talented team. The combination of talent and cultures at TVST contributes to our successful development. Analysing information for our customers adds the biggest level of excitement to my role.”

Past: ISS Security, Touch Support Inc.

Outside of work: I“I enjoy being physically active, and gardening is one of my favourite things to do.”
Nicolas Lecocq Tenerife

Nicolas comes with 10 years’ relevant industry-diverse experience in sales, marketing and customer service. He continues to expand on this at TVST, building great relationships with our clients in Europe.

“I am delighted to work as a business value consultant at TVST – a group of great professionals and brilliant personalities from all around the world. I particularly enjoy helping our customers to understand their own clients' business challenges and bring them fresh perspectives. I am motivated to bring value to our organisation and to find it for our customers!”

Past: Esendex, NoviCap, Alef&Maqroll

Outside of work: “I am very curious person and quite addicted to reading global news (economics, politics, science...).”
Doga Demirel Ankara

Doga joined our team in 2020, coming with passion for engineering, and she has been avidly developing her value management skills ever since.

“I am so proud to be a member of a visionary, powerful and talented team. TVST is the best team ever. We work from all across the world to understand the needs of our clients, helping them to add value to their business, and this excites and motivates me.”

Past: Intern at Türkiye Petrolleri A.O. and Tüprag

Outside of work: “I enjoy clothes shopping with my friends – and I’m also a big fan of Chinese food!”
Owen Yu China

Owen’s background is in finance, accounting and business planning. His enthusiasm for business value and his experiences in these areas, are essential for TVST to engage with multinational companies in China.

“As the first part-time advisor in Great China region, I hope to enable TVST to explore the Chinese market. I am motivated to support TVST to break the language barrier and apply my former career experience to provide insight on the tax and law compliance environment of Mainland China.”

Past: Deloitte, RSM, MBA at Shanghai Advanced Institution of Finance (SAIF)

Outside of work: “I am a passionate runner. I run about 300 km a month. When I am not running, I am reading, and I find it fascinating to discover new subjects.”
Charlotte Ayre Devon

English & Content Editor
Charlotte is our QA support: her great eye for detail and thorough examinations ensure that our content is written in perfect English. She is also focused on developing design thinking expertise applied to value management.

“A firm believer in the power of positive communication. I enjoy connecting my passion for linguistics and experiences in language analysis to help streamline business content and deliver relevant and flawless business value, to companies worldwide. At TVST, I’m inspired daily by a growing team of extraordinary people.”

Past: Independent English editor & communications professional

Outside of work: “You’ll find me off the beaten track, exploring the moors or relaxing at the beach, in my beloved campervan (called Van Damme).”
Kristel Garcia (PSF) Andorra

Administration Manager
Kristel is reliable, organised and keeps everything in order. She is responsible for the resources and internal processes needed to guarantee the efficient operation of TVST.

“I love working in a multicultural team where we have all walked in different paths and have different perspectives. TVST is equipped with excellent and experienced professionals and from each other we acquire a level of knowledge and a broader level of thinking that make our projects more exciting and more successful.”

Past: PSF Andorra

Outside of work: “I am passionate about singing and enjoy participating in different solidarity races”.


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