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We help software and technology vendors to build, scale, and operate their value management practices, and we help software and technology buyers to understand the real business value of their investments.

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We are driven by your value realisations

Software and technology sales traditionally use technological features of the solution as the main driver for decision-making. But, in such a disruptive environment, it has become necessary to demonstrate the value of these solutions. 

What is value management?

Business value management is a discipline aimed at assessing and tracking the economic value of a technology solution for a company, so that buyers can agree if this value is enough to move forward with the investment. It means that vendor-buyer conversations rest on how to realise the potential value identified, rather than on price and discounts.

Why value management?

With sales value management, vendor-buyer conversations focus on how to realise the potential value identified, rather than on total cost. With this approach it is proven that you can win more business, close deals quicker, reduce discounts and selling costs, upsell and cross-sell more effectively, grow your deal size and make your solution more appealing to customers.


How can we help you?


We assist software and technology vendors with the design, implementation, and operation of their value management practices, to build credibility and trust with their customers, leading to increased sales, better sales margins, and long-lasting relationships.

Our value management services enable sellers to lead with rational, data-driven business cases that home in on value, instead of price.


We support buyers to understand the real value of their software and technology investments, by translating solution features and functionalities into measurable business KPI improvements, to quantify their potential impact on the business.

 Our buyer services ensure business decision makers can understand the benefits of the solution and purchase with confidence.

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