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We build and operate value management practices for software vendors and technology companies. We help you increase your revenues, protect prices, grow sales pipelines and deal sizes, and reduce sales cycles.


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Our team of multinational and multidisciplinary senior professionals build and operate value management practices for software vendors and technology companies, worldwide.

We help driving sales up, increasing sales margins, protect prices, and build credibility and trust with customers.

We cover the end-to-end cycle, from value engineering to value management. We build the financial arguments to close deals with new and existing customers, boosting new business and up-sell cross-sell success rates.

Value engineering

Outside-in Reports

Estimated value potential presentation, for demand generation.
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Create interest

Business case

Based on real customer information, to close the deal.
Close the deal

Value creation monitoring

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Go live

Value tracker

Bi-yearly realised value tracker based on selected KPI's, aligned with the sales business case.
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Why value

Sales value management is the set of activities that can prove the economic value of your solution, to your potential and current customers. Your customers will have fewer objections and can easily decide if this value is enough to move forward with you, when they can see the quantified potential benefits of your solution.

With sales value management, conversations focus on how to realise the potential value identified, rather than on price. With this approach it is proven that you can win more business, close deals quicker, reduce discounts and selling costs, upsell and cross-sell more easily, grow your deal size and make your solution more appealing to customers.


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