The future of value management in the software industry: insights from global leaders

8th June, 2023

This event explored the current and future role of value management in the software industry. With the economic turbulence paralysing business decision making this roundtable discussion gives clarity and certainty to risk mitigate future business decisions. 

The world-renowned panellists from our first live event …

Our debut live event panel assembled six leaders renowned for their expertise and groundbreaking contributions in the ever-evolving tech landscape. 

Franck Alfero

Head of Customer Value and Transformation Advisory, EMEA South

Ognen Borozanov

Head of Oracle Insight
and Enterprise Architecture
Western Europe

Mark Ceresale

Vice President
Inspire Value

Chris Clarke

Area Vice President
Strategic Value Advisors

Sridhar Parameshwaran

Senior Director
Value Engineering

Fabrizio Rotondi

Chief Operating Officer
EMEA South

Noelia Gómez Rivero

Director of
Value Management

Petar Kajevski

Director of
Value Management

The business value search

Immerse yourself in dynamic dialogues and thought-provoking Q&A sessions, featuring expert insights on the future of value management. 

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