Value-based purchasing

Ensuring the value of your technology investment.

"We assist companies to understand and maximise the business value of their software and technology investments"

 Cost-Benefit Analysis

In most cases, business software buyers often make decisions without analysis from a business value perspective and are unable to translate the solution features and functionalities into measurable business KPI improvements and potential business value calculations.

TVST’s Cost-Benefit Analysis service supports business software buyers with their decision-making process, by developing a compelling business case to validate the best possible buying decision and provide guidelines for the best post-purchase value realisation strategy.

By measuring financial metrics, such as revenue earned or costs saved because of the decision to pursue a project, as well as intangible benefits and costs, we help buyers to validate their purchase decision for a single software project, from an objective perspective.

IT Investment Prioritisation

Software buying decisions that focus on TCO analysis (purchase price + costs of operation) don’t always successfully answer “what’s in it for me”. This means that solutions with high business value potential
can be missed or underexploited from a value perspective.

Our IT Investment Prioritisation service establishes a sound business value perspective, by rating IT projects and building a CBA for each project, to allow business impact comparisons that will support software buyers to make decisions based on value potential.

Through our results analysis, we issue recommendations that help buyers to evaluate and prioritize several projects, from a strategic business value perspective.

IT Spend Optimisation

A frequent issue for software buyers is that solution benefits are not tracked; as a result, the business impact remains unknown and cannot be managed.

With our IT Value Realisation service, software buyers are supported to track and improve the actual business impact of software investments. KPIs are tracked and implementation is analysed with a CBA to allow impact tracking. The analysis and recommendations are periodically issued by TVST’s expert consultants.

By building a plan to assure value realisation, along with the necessary resources to successfully execute and improve over time, we provide software buyers with a current understanding of how they are achieving the business case targets that support the purchase decision and can establish corrective measures, if necessary.

IT Finance Office

Business value is the new gold standard for many companies and, particularly in these challenging times, decisions are more reliable when they involve a business value assessment with potential value calculations. Without aligning a solution with business goals (KPI improvements), the business impact remains unknown and cannot be managed.

TVST’s IT Finance Office service is for IT departments that need unbiased, dedicated, and continuous support in their decision-making process, pre- and post-purchase. It is a recurring service which offers all the IT-related business analysis capabilities contained in the previous services we offer for software and technology buyers.

We follow an ROI-oriented approach, with cost-benefit matrix comparisons for all investments included in the IT project backlog, as well as performance tracking and monitoring of all projects executed.