Grow your sales margins with value management

This week our post talks about how showing customers your true value, and avoiding the typical hefty discounts, helps you to grow your sales margins.   In 2020 we witnessed a great year as the pandemic hit and software companies surpassed their targets. But 2021 was a bit more challenging – and 2022 looks like it […]

The future of software sales

Our blog this week talks about the future of software sales. Keep reading to find out how business value management can help you win in the new normal.  The worldwide chaos during the pandemic sped up digital transformation across many companies. Working from home through the lockdowns has greatly changed businesses. Software sales, and how […]

Shorten your sales cycle with value management

How do you shorten your sales cycle? B2B sales can be long and dragged-out dealings, especially for software and telco vendors. Keep reading to find out how you shorten your sales cycle by applying business value management.   What is the sales cycle? To start, we need to explain the sales cycle. The sales cycle, in essence, is all the little and large steps […]

Four ways to ensure effective value management

Is your value management team working as effectively as they could be? This week our post looks at four ways to help you boost your practices to ensure effective value management.  Why value management? Business value management goes way beyond selling your solutions. It connects your customer’s business needs with your solutions. It’s about looking at the money your solution can bring or save a company, rather than on how much […]

Get closer to customers with value management software 

You can get closer to customers with specialist business value management software, as it helps you avert time wasters and get bigger and better deals.   Can you think of a few occasions where you lost a software sale to a direct competitor at decision time? Or maybe you lost your customer because it appeared like you were inactive or doing nothing? – but you find out after exactly why your customer opted out and consequently you were left feeling like they wasted your time. Software sales are really hard, and often lengthy.   […]

7 pointers for a scalable value management practice

Do you wonder how value engineering teams successfully scale their sales materials? We look at 7 key pointers to ensure a successfully scalable value management practice in this week’s post. We will develop on one of the ideas we talked about in our previous article.   Why is a scalable value management practice so important?  Being able to scale effectively with […]

4 reasons value management reduces discounts

This week, our post looks at four reasons value management reduces discounts and improves your sales margins. Keep reading to understand more about how value management reduces discounts.     “Value management” is a logical, multidisciplinary approach that helps you discover the real costs of a service or product and to understand the real benefits it can deliver to customers. With value selling you can show off and increase the value of […]

Measure sustainability using value management

Until recently, business decision makers thought that improving the sustainability measures in their products and services drives up costs. However, this view is shifting in companies across the world as decision makers can now see that taking the steps to better their sustainability can create a source of competitive advantage. In this week’s post, we are talking about how vendors can measure their sustainability using a value management approach.   To learn more about implementing value management, please, check out our previous post. Sustainability as a cost-driver Typically, businesses measured the improvements they […]

4 ways benchmarking supports value management

Our earlier posts discussed the advantages of up-sell and cross-sell and the essential skills that are needed in a value management culture. This week we talk about four ways that benchmarking can support your value management culture.      For a long time now, benchmarking has been used in the processes of big business matters and decision making, because it gives companies the means to […]

Value management: 4 tips to grow upsell and cross-sell

Our blog this week looks at how your up- and cross-sell opportunities can grow with value management. Being number one and engaging customers early is always a plus when you’re in a competitive sales situation. But these days making sure that you are first in the queue, and that you have upheld your reputation for […]