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4 ways benchmarking supports value management

Our earlier posts discussed the advantages of up-sell and cross-sell and the essential skills that are needed in a value management culture. This week we talk about four ways that benchmarking can

Onboarding: 5 key skills your value engineers need

In this world of digital transformation, if you’re a software, hardware or telco vendor, driving sales through business value is now more important than ever. In our post this week we talk about some of the key skills that your value engineers need

5 differences to tell value selling from value management

Quite often, value selling and value management get mixed up. Or used interchangeably. The concepts are absolutely linked, but they definitely are not equal. In this week’s blog we will talk about the connections between them and five big differences too, that can sometimes be a bit of a tangle to work out.  First

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Four ways to ensure effective value management

Is your value management team working as effectively as they could be? This week our post looks at four ways to help you boost your practices to ensure effective value management.  Why value management? Business value management goes way beyond selling


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