Company history

While we honour our past, we work for the future.

"From our humble beginnings to our current position as global pioneers, delivering technology transformation and innovation in the tech sector, explore how our company history has evolved over the years."

Company history our beginnings


The Value Search Team was founded by José Catalá, leveraging his extensive experience in strategic consulting to establish a foothold in the VM consulting arena.

Company history seqrching for opportunities

Early 2010's

We began our journey providing tailored VM solutions to European software startups and SMBs, laying the groundwork for future success.

Company history partnering with others


TVST forged a pivotal partnership with a global software leader, marking a milestone in our evolution and setting the stage for exponential growth.


TVST experienced significant expansion, driven by successful collaborations and a growing reputation for delivering exceptional VM consulting services.


With 50+ specialised consultants worldwide and a network of strategic alliances, we continue to empower tech vendors and buyers to unlock unparalleled value.

Our company story so far…

 TVST company history from 2009-2019

Established in 2009 TVST was born out of a passion for helping software startups and small to medium-sized vendors unlock their true potential through effective value management (VM) practices.

Starting with a lean, dedicated team, in our early days we focused on helping European companies design and implement robust VM strategies, enabling them to achieve tangible business value and enhance their commercial effectiveness.

Our success garnered industry attention, leading to a significant collaboration with a major software vendor in 2016. Tasked with scaling their VM operations globally, we exceeded expectations, driving TVST into a phase of growth and innovation.

TVST company history from 2019-2024

Recognising the importance of strategic partnerships, in 2019 we began forging alliances with esteemed organisations, augmenting our capabilities. Because of this strategic network we are able to offer a comprehensive range of VM consulting services, empowering software and technology vendors and buyers to unlock unparalleled value.

Today, boasting a team of over 50 highly specialised VM consultants worldwide, TVST stands at the forefront of the industry. Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and transformation ensures that when you partner with TVST, you’re engaging with the pinnacle of VM expertise.

Life in the TVST family 

Emre Uygur

Working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team together with open-minded professionals always excites me – we all learn many things from each other and contribute to developments, and approaches to solve problems from different perspectives. I believe that this is one of the fundamental principles of our success.

Senior Consultant

Rubén Campos

Helping companies to succeed is what most motivates me in my work. I feel very privileged to work with a fantastic group of talented individuals from all around the world. I’m always ready to take on new challenges and willing to learn something new.


Doga Demirel

I am so proud to be a member of a visionary, powerful and talented team. TVST is the best team ever. We work from all across the world to understand the needs of our clients, helping them to add value to their business, and this excites and motivates me.


Elena Diez

I joined the team excited to be part of a flexible, forward-thinking and agile business. What I most enjoy about my role is working closely with our clients and offering a customised service to be part of their digital transformation success stories.

Senior Manager

Maria Piedad Casado Gavalda

I love being part of a team with so many diverse skills, where we can learn from each other while helping clients achieve the most from their business through digital transformation.

Senior Manager

José Maria Vaz Guedes

When given the opportunity to study a company and improve performance, it’s always a challenge I’m up for. Being part of a team with a diverse set of skills has helped me develop new ways of thinking, which I can then apply to my work.

Senior Manager

Marcelo Pobersnik

It’s really motivating and inspiring being part of a diverse and talented team, in a free, collaborative and continuous learning environment. I am proud to work in a team where we all have the goal of helping our clients to capitalise on new opportunities and realise their ambitions, to provide value-driven initiatives that create long-lasting growth.


Aleksandra Lipasova

Through a multi-faceted analysis of business environments, we create value for our customers and help them to transform it into profit. TVST, a company which principles I share, adheres to the highest quality standards and I am proud to be a part of it.

Senior Consultant

Justo Mendez

I truly believe that understanding the needs and the context in which each client operates is essential to generate real solutions that create value for them. Having the opportunity of working at TVST and being part of a multicultural team motivates me to give my best to every project.


Agustina Biscotti

At TVST we all strive to give clients the best counselling to add value to their daily work, providing them with the latest tools in the market that best apply to their industry and business.

Senior Consultant

Nicolas Lecocq

I am delighted to work as a business value consultant at TVST – a group of great professionals and brilliant personalities from all around the world. Particularly enjoy helping our customers to understand their own clients’ business challenges and bring them fresh perspectives. I am motivated to bring value to our organisation and to find it for our customers!


Renata Majdandzic

I enjoy being part of a such a diverse and talented team. The combination of talent and cultures at TVST contributes to our successful development. Analysing information for our customers adds the biggest level of excitement to my role.


Natalia Levitskaya

The most challenging part in the value management practice is to connect company financial performance, socio-economic environment, government regulation, and environmental issues in a full view of business process. My academic background helps me to get a more comprehensive picture of clients’ performance. At TVST we never stop learning and I’m really happy to share my experiences with our customers.


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