7 pointers for a scalable value management practice

Do you wonder how value engineering teams successfully scale their sales materials? We look at 7 key pointers to ensure a successfully scalable value management practice in this week’s post. We will develop on one of the ideas we talked about in our previous article.   Why is a scalable value management practice so important?  Being able to scale effectively with […]

Onboarding: 5 key skills your value engineers need

In this world of digital transformation, if you’re a software, hardware or telco vendor, driving sales through business value is now more important than ever. In our post this week we talk about some of the key skills that your value engineers need to have. And we explain five main traits to keep in mind when you’re onboarding new people to your value team.   Some history on value engineering Nearly two decades ago, the first business value teams were created. These started in companies like SAP and Oracle. Back at that time, the profile of a value engineer was not clear-cut. […]

5 differences to tell value selling from value management

Quite often, value selling and value management get mixed up. Or used interchangeably. The concepts are absolutely linked, but they definitely are not equal. In this week’s blog we will talk about the connections between them and five big differences too, that can sometimes be a bit of a tangle to work out.  First off, we need to explain value selling. What is it?  Well, it really is the best approach to target software, hardware and telco sales. And right now, value selling is a must-have. The idea of value selling is that you show customers how your product or service will benefit them. A traditional sales approach would generally try […]

Things to think about when you target the mid-market with value selling

Who are the mid-market?  In this instance, the “mid-market” tells us about a company’s size. Across industries worldwide companies come in many different sizes. It is the size of the company that decides which market segment they fall into. The middle of the market, or mid-market segment is made up of companies that have typical deal sizes that, roughly speaking, span from a low five-digit amount to a high six-digit amount.   In this blog we will discuss […]