Value Based Sales Enablement 

Since 2009 we work with software vendors and telecommunications companies to strengthen their commercial strategy and lift their sales practices to new levels. 

Our distinctive value proposition

We build and support the operation of a Value-Based Sales practices and create a Value-Driven relationship culture in our clients. We do this through a structured and pragmatic approach.



Our team starts by understanding how our client's products and services create value for their customers: 

Improved productivity,  Improved service quality, Lowered implementation costs and risks ...


Then we build analytical tools and presentation templates tailored to our client’s business. These tools help our clients to quantify and properly communicate the value creation potential of their products to their own customers  


Leveraging these tools, we provide classroom and "on-the-job" training to the sales teams and other key  stakeholders in our client, to enable them to start delivering an effective "value-based" sales pitch, and establish the base to develop true Value-Based relationships with their customers 


Finally, our team provides "on-demand" support for producing the analyses and presentations by leveraging the tools we have created for the client. We do this in an extremely efficient way, avoiding the need for our client to recruit expensive full-time resources in their own organisations

Main benefits of a Value-based Sales approach


Price protection and increased revenue

Reduced discounts and larger average deal size

Increased and realistic pipeline

Intimate customer relationships and increased transparency

Reduced time from demand generation to deal closure

Improved control over the entire sales process

Competitive differentiation

From product/price pitches to value arguments